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The value of search engine optimization in modern online businesses.

Today the actual number of search engines is getting close to a 5 digit figure. Most of these search engines are using different algorithms, different languages, producing quite different results. Certainly, a Search Engine Optimization campaign can not cover the full spectrum of these Search Engines. Many of them after all are having very low popularity numbers and similarly low searches. A Search Engine Optimizer should prepare and plan his strategy in order to cover the search engines that will bring the highest and most productive amount of visitors.

The last couple of years Google dominates the Search Engines market, having a 73% share of the searches worldwide. Yahoo is the second most popular search engine, but its share has decreased significantly over the last few years. With these numbers in mind a modern SEO campaign must be usually focused on Google.

SEO strategy should be planned in order to give results as soon as possible without sacrificing the prospects for a top rank presence in the future. There are tricks and techniques that can boost site results for a small period, but these must be excluded as they have the risk of bringing severe SE penalties to the sites. The plans should be developed in order to make steady and solid steps that would ensure a smooth and continuous raise of the sites placement in search engine results.

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