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The value of social media marketing for a modern company.

Social Networks are a new, alternative way of online communication and interaction. It is also a modern method to connect members of various groups on a personal or corporate level. The strategy of Social Media Marketing is to promote a website through the most popular social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube. This kind of advertising is similar to 'word of mouth' and it is direct and very reliable.

Social Media use by Agencies and Brands have many advantages. These networks are a medium for a direct and fast communication with the audience. They are also a way to get valuable feedback from the public of the brand, about its image and profile. Through the analysis of the audience feedback, is possible to identify problematic issues or negative comments on the brand and act before it is too late. Social Media Marketing is an effective way to publish the latest updates and changes of a website and also finding new customers. Social media can involve the audience with the brand in a "natural" or emotional way and engage people.

The main purpose of social media marketing implementation is to promote fresh content, able to pique the interest of users, in order to share it with their friends. Following the latest updates of Google, the importance of Social Media Marketing has dramatically upgraded for searches in the search engine of Google. The results of many social media marketing techniques are not always immediate, but in the long-term a precise and well targeted strategy, will help in the proper development and advertising of company sites.

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